“Beneath the Surface – Mental Health is a Life Long Journey”

Beneath the Surface founder, Matt Vapor, was recently interviewed by Act-Belong-Commit to talk about his experiences with homelessness, anxiety, obesity and PTSD, and how through reaching out and by act, belong, committing, he has found meaning and purpose in life.

Being from a background where I was over 200 kilos and suffering from PTSD, exercise and eating right is a huge thing for me. It really helps me to regulate my mental health. I am also sensitive to things that trigger my anxiety, so I try to stay away from caffeine, and try not to have too much sugar, as it tends to amplify my mood.

I used to have nightmares that would ruin my day. These days, I have found a positive way to deal with it. If I have a nightmare, I get up – even if it’s at 3:00am – and I go to the gym. Finding motivation at that time in the morning is hard but I am always thankful, as when I get home, I’m able to go back to sleep.

You can read the full interview here: Beneath the Surface – Mental Health is a Lifelong Journey

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