Beneath the Surface Digital Workshops – Locally, Regionally, Interstate & Internationally

Beneath the Surface Motivation & Coaching is pleased to announce we are now accepting bookings for our digital workshops. Our digital workshops are the same as our face to face workshops, but given the current climate we are now launching these digitally.

Along with this we’re happy to announce that the workshops are now available to larger audiences as we can now reach interstate and international audiences

How do digital workshops work?

  • With our face to face workshops, our digital workshops are available to both organisations (not-for profits, companies, educational sectors etc) and the public.
  • We’re able to deliver our digital workshops to organisations through your preferred application(s).
  • Public workshops will be published on our Events Page, instructions on how to join these workshops will be published along with the event.

How do I book a digital workshop?

  • Organisations can contact us, and we can work with your individual needs with tailored workshops
  • Workshops for the general public are published on our Events Page

What workshops are available?

  • You can see a list of our available workshops here

If you need any more information please feel free to contact us.

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