Libraries and Homelessness

Exploring the Unique Relationship Between Libraries and Homelessness.

It’s a surreal moment to get this workshop off the ground. I’d run from my past for so long and kept it hidden from my professional life. Yesterday they merged for the first time and I could use both my lived and professional experience together.

Launching our professional development workshop “Why Libraries? The Unlikely Relationship between Libraries and Homelessness” with the staff from Cockburn Libraries, is something that I’m incredibly proud of.

Libraries have inadvertently become a surrogate outreach centre for many homeless patrons as homeless services struggle to cope with underfunding and over demand.
In this workshop I outline my homeless experience and use my experience in public libraries to inform staff on the issues surrounding homelessness and how libraries can adapt to the rise in homeless patrons. The workshop builds an empathetic and professional approach to the challenge of addressing homelessness in a library setting.
This workshop is tailored for public libraries but is also applicable to other council / government administrative staff.
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