Beneath the Surface’s story started in 2016 when Matt Vapor weighed over 200kgs.

A series of events had kicked into gear for Matt to change his life, confronting his past, mental illness and relationship with food.

Along this journey Matt has changed his entire outlook on life. By 2018 he’d lost over 70kgs and started naturally inspiring others to change their lives.

Later in 2018 Matt started delivering talks to organisations about his experiences and decided to found Beneath the Surface to help educate and motivate people.

Matt believes that talking about the issues he’s faced; including domestic abuse, homelessness and food addiction; helps not only himself but also others confront their own issues and move forward with their lives. Matt achieves this through workshops and coaching.

“Obesity is often treated as the cause for all other health problems. Instead, obesity is often a symptom of much deeper issues, commonly starting with mental health. Without addressing these issues we will never solve obesity. Sharing my story is my way of promoting this change in understanding”

– Matt Vapor

Our Mission