Black Mask Book by Matt Vapor

Black Mask Book by Matt Vapor

We’re please to announce the Black Mask Book by Matt Vapor is close to completion and is schedule for release in late 2022.

The Black Mask Book explores the effects of domestic neglect, abuse and violence as a child, and the negative impacts this had on its author, Matt Vapor. Matt explores the conditions he faced as a child through and adult lens.

“You can literally read along and witness Matt making his own realisations about the things he faced as he writes. I haven’t experienced that before from any other writer” a test reader of the Black Mask Book stated.

The Black Mask Book also recounts the challenges that neglect, abuse, violence, educational disadvantage, homelessness and poverty presented and how each of these challenges posed uniques hurdles to overcome.

“Writing this book has become part of my recovery. I no longer want my past to dictate my future, nor do I want the neglect, abuse and violence I faced to be silenced by a Black Mask. A mask that I’ve used to hide behind and push many people out of my life.” – Matt Vapor, author of the Black Mask Book.

“The deepest scar of childhood neglect, abuse and violence is not one that cuts through flesh. Instead, it cuts through your sense of self and emotional regulation, severing future friendships and relationships in the process. Healing from that scar is even more troublesome, firstly you have to understand that what you experienced was deeply wrong. Secondly, you need to have the self awareness of how it’s affected you. And possibly the hardest step, you have to change most of the emotions that feel natural to you.  This is why removing the Black Mask is so difficult, it requires us to show ourselves more compassion than we’ve ever experienced before.” – The Black Mask by Matt Vapor

You can read more excerpts on Black Mask Book’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Additionally you can help support the writing of this book by purchasing some items from the Black Mask Collection at Beneath the Store by Beneath the Surface.

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