What forms of payment do you accept?2018-12-17T17:41:08+08:00

We accept invoicing, direct debit, direct deposit, cheque and major credit cards. Other arrangements can also be made by contacting us.

Do you service regional Western Australia, interstate and international clients?2018-12-18T08:17:05+08:00

Yes. For our coaching and consultancy we have online packages that are available.

For talks and workshops we do roadshows to Regional WA areas. We can also do interstate and international bookings. Contact us for more information.

Can I find out more about Matt’s story or follow his progress?2018-12-18T08:15:21+08:00

Yes, you can read more about Matt’s story on his blog¬†where he discusses his past and his current journey. Additionally you can follow him on social media below. If you have any questions regarding Matt’s story you can contact us below.

Do you offer personal training?2018-12-17T17:23:17+08:00

At this time we do not offer personal training. However it is a service we are hoping to add in the future. Contact us to to be informed when this service is available.

What’s the difference between talks and workshops?2018-12-17T17:18:38+08:00

Talks are designed to be shorter than workshops. Both talks and workshops have similar content but are designed for different needs and organisational scenarios. Contact us to discuss what might suit you best.