Identifying Clients in Crisis and Developing Strategies to Help

Identifying Clients in Crisis and Developing Strategies to Help gives you the tools to stop feeling powerless when a client needs help outside of your business. Have you lost clients only to find out later you could’ve adjusted your services to be more accommodating when they experienced a turbulent time?

Your industry can be in a unique position, not only do you help people from different backgrounds and walks of life, you do it in a setting where they can be open and vulnerable. This session will help you develop some tools to help identify when your clients are in crisis and develop ways in which you can help them through turbulent times, while retaining them as a client.


  • Defining “at risk” cohorts for your business

  • Signs of crisis and identifying them

  • Provide alternative strategies when approaching obesity

  • Creating client relationships and environments to be crisis informed

This talk contains the following topics:

  • Mental Health

  • Suicide

  • Homelessness

  • Food Addication

  • Eating Disorders

  • Hormones

  • Fertility

  • Mobility


  • Membership Based Business

  • Health and Fitness

  • Service Specialists

  • Customer Service Roles

Matt Vapor
Matt VaporOwner & Founder
This talk and workshop is written and delivered by Matt Vapor.

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