Mental Health & Obesity – Matt’s Weight Gain & Loss Story

Have you ever wanted to know what’s behind weighing 200kgs? Or what it’s like to live with an addiction to food?

This talk is for any organisation that wants to learn more about the connections between mental health and obesity.

Matt talks about how his unhealthy relationship with food developed from a young age and how it connected to his mental health.


  • Challenge beliefs about obesity (morbid & super) and their related mental health issues

  • Learn about issues surrounding morbid obesity, super obesity and mental health

  • Understand what it takes to overcome these challenges and change

This talk contains the following topics:

  • Relationships with Food

  • Weight Gain & Loss

  • Food Addication

  • Eating Disorders

  • Mental Health

  • Suicide

  • Homelessness

  • Fitness & Exercise


  • General Public

  • Gyms & Leisure Centres

  • Schools

  • Other Organisations

Matt VaporOwner & Founder
This talk and workshop is written and delivered by Matt Vapor.

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