Scared Boys to Aggressive Men – The Male Evolution from Victim to Abuser

Scared Boys to Aggressive Men focuses on how easily it is for boys who’ve been exposed to domestic abuse can slip into the role of abuser when they step into relationships.

The transition from victim to abuser is far too easy for men as childhood silence and shame turn into adult rage and violence.


  • Discuss domestic abuse from a male lived experience perspective

  • Discover the evolution of victim to abuser

  • Understand the issues surrounding domestic abuse, particularly in men.

  • Creating an open dialogue for Men to challenge and share their experiences as a child is one of the ways we can stop the cycle of violence in the home.

Scared Boys to Aggressive Men contains the following topics:

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Assault


  • School Staff

  • Local Governments

  • Government Departments

  • Social Services

  • Childhood Development

  • Youth Development

  • Refuges

  • Welfare Organisations

  • General Public

Matt Vapor
Matt VaporOwner & Founder
This talk and workshop is written and delivered by Matt Vapor.

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