It’s often hard for us to find motivation. We have a goal in mind but struggle making a pathway to get there. A recent study from the University of Sydney stated that “life coaching can indeed be an effective approach to creating positive change, enhancing mental health and life experience and facilitating goal attainment” Source. Beneath the Surface is here to help you change your life and reach your potential. We will meet with you and discuss your goals and develop a plan to get you there. Whether it’s weight loss, self esteem, self improvement or mental health, we will be there to help you and cheer you on. Developed by Matt Vapor through his lived experience, Beneath the Surface will give you the tools to help you succeed.

  • Weight loss – Motivational meetings with someone who used to weigh over 200kgs to keep you on track. Confidentially discuss issues surrounding your weight and get resources to help you change.

  • Change Mentoring – Need a mentor to help your through a tough time or a change? Matt has changed his life and can help you change yours.

  • Goal Planning – Have a goal in mind but feel overwhelmed or have no idea on how to get there? Let Matt help you develop a plan on how to get there.

  • Career Orientation– Matt dropped out of high school and battled his way to graduate with a Masters Degree from Curtin University In 2016 obtained his dream job of lecturing at University. Matt’s drive can help motivate you to take the leap to change careers.

Do you need motivation to change? Contact us to meet and discuss how we can help you get there.

Making a goal is easy, getting there is the hard part. – Matt Vapor