Green Zone Fitness Joondalup

“I have listened to Matt twice now and both times I have left feeling very motivated and inspired. His story has brought tears to my eyes and has completely changed my views on how I look at people, you have no idea why people are the way they are or what they are going through. Matt has showed great courage and dedication through out his life – despite what has been thrown his way, this is a story everyone needs to hear at least once.” – Melissa S.

Lords Recreation Centre

“Matt’s honest insight was inspiring and really beneficial for our team of trainers to hear the internal struggles a weight loss journey can present. Thanks Matt.” – Fleur K.

St Bartholomew’s House Inc

“Your talk really reminded me why I do what I do – to help people in tough times and realise their own personal strengths. It really inspires me.”

Danika Y.


“I still use Matt’s talk in my daily life for motivation.”

Lisa J.

SAOR Consultancy

“Matt has an amazing story and now has utilised that same story to launch his business. He does great work and helps two groups extremely well. Firstly, businesses that want to gain mental clarity on tough topics. He will ensure that the topic is covered in the right way, so that all those in attendance can understand the message and know how to implement the key points. For example, a gym that has trainers who want to help their clients through super obesity and be able to do so in the appropriate way whilst respecting their feelings and emotional needs. Secondly, individually, I have seen him directly help people get the most out of life through his one on one life coaching work If you want business support around, obesity, mental health, the struggles of life and much more speak to Matt today. To top it all off, he’s a great bloke!” – Shane M.

Open Up Group

“Matt is authentic, articulate, compassionate, but most of all heart centred. Any opportunity to work with him is one I look forward too. As a speaker and workshop facilitator/trainer, I couldn’t ask for more!”

Lachlan S.

Mental Health Fitness Coach

“Matt came and delivered a speech for our team of Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors. This was a huge wake up call for our team to ensure we are checking i on our clients for not only their physical health but their mental health also. Matt gave some great take home points for our team and actionable strategies for how the team can help clients with their mental health.  Following on from this Matt also delivered a speech to our members as part of Mental Health Week. This was very well-received from our members and definitely something we will have again! ” – Michael H.

Didier Walks

“Matt’s transformation has both inspired and driven me to continue my own journey. It’s not simply passion that can cause change it is making a decision and working really hard every day. Being relentless and making no excuses. Matt has great empathy and the ability to take his own journey and turn it around so it becomes valid for the other person and their own journey. There is no better way to mentor than leading by example and that what Matt is all about.” – Didier M.

Portside Training

“Listening to Matt talk about his life, challenges and how he became the person he is today was eye opening! I left the chat feeling motivated to make a change. It’s pretty easy to look at someone and make a snap judgement about them without knowing what they’ve gone through. Listening to how Matt has overcome challenges and adversity is his life has changed the way I look at people struggling with weight and mental health issues. I highly recommend listening to this story! ” – Simon G.

Beneath the Surface is also proud to have worked with the following organisations:

Department of Education (WA)

City of Subiaco

City of Gosnells

City of Belmont

Carine Senior High School

LifeLine WA

Mission Australia

Act Belong Commit

The Base @ Belmont

Access Housing

UFC Gym Balcatta

MyLocalMind Inc.