Talks and Workshops by Beneath the Surface

Talks and Workshops Based on Lived Experience and Delivered Professionally.

Beneath the Surface provide live experience talks and workshops for a variety of different organisations. From government departments and local government; large, medium and small business; community organisations and community groups, we’ll be able to provide a talk or workshop to meet your needs.

Our talks and workshops include domestic abuse, domestic violence, educational disadvantage, youth violence, homelessness, and associated mental health issues.

All talks and workshops are delivered by Matt Vapor, you can find out more about his story at our About page.

  • Libraries and Homelessness – Exploring the Unique Relationship In this workshop Matt outlines his homeless experience and use his experience in public libraries to inform staff on the issues surrounding homelessness and how libraries can adapt to the rise in homeless patrons. The workshop builds an empathetic and professional approach to the challenge of addressing homelessness in a library setting.

  • Lasting Effects of Homelessness – Trauma, Mental Health & Beyond Focuses on Matt’s lived experiences of homelessness and how these issues persist long after homelessness ends. Matt discusses how he became homeless and slept rough, what he faced while being homeless, how he got off the street and how it still impacts his life 20 years later.

  • Scared Boys to Aggressive Men – The Male Evolution from Victim to Abuser  focuses on how easily it is for boys who’ve been exposed to domestic abuse can slip into the role of abuser when they step into relationships. The transition from victim to abuser is far too easy for men as childhood silence and shame turn into adult rage and violence.

  • We’re Not Our Past – Becoming Our Own Role Model Tailored for audiences that work with at risk youth. Matt talks about how a lack of positive role models hindered his development and how he became his own role model. Additionally, it explains how to develop positive qualities for those without positive role models.

  • The Male Mental Mentality – Challenging Men’s Mental Health A lived experience talk that discusses what it’s like being a male  living with mental health problems. While challenging notions of masculinity, Matt talks about his battles with mental health, the challenges he faced while addressing his past and how notions of what ‘being a man’ hindered his progress.

  • Identifying Clients in Crisis and Developing Strategies to Help Have you ever felt powerless when a client has needed help outside the health and fitness space? Have you lost clients only to find out later you could’ve adjusted your services to be more accommodating when they experienced a turbulent time? In this workshop Matt helps your team develop strategies to identify and help with the unique challenges your clients might be facing.

  • Mental Health & Obesity – Matt’s Weight Gain & Loss Story For any organisation that wants to learn more about the connections between mental health and obesity. Matt talks about how his unhealthy relationship with food developed from a young age and how it connected to his mental health.

  • Mental Health in the Workplace – Weakness or Strength? – Suited to organisations that want to learn more about mental illness and how people with mental illness can strengthen an organisation. Matt uses his experience with anxiety, depression and PTSD to enlighten employers about how adjusting perspectives on mental health can add positive attributes to the workplace.

  • Building Trust – Domestic Abuse & Youth Homelessness Aimed at school faculties, organisations and community groups who work with youth. Focuses on strategies that help students at risk of domestic abuse and homelessness through  lived experience. Matt shares his experiences of domestic abuse and how this disrupted his education. Matt also explains issues surrounding his behaviour in school and how teacher’s interactions reinforced his issues within himself.

  • Beyond Obesity – Patient Experiences from the Super Obese Tailored for health care providers who deal with people who are morbidly obese or those who want to learn how to better approach obesity issues with patients. Matt talks about how interactions with health professionals while he weighed 200kgs shaped his self-esteem.

  • The Guilt of Victims – Unspoken Truths About Domestic Abuse Tailored for people who want to learn more about coming to terms with domestic abuse in adulthood. Matt shares his lived experience of domestic abuse, the guilt he felt when confronting it later in life and how he managed to stop the cycle of abuse.

  • Trauma as Strength – Breaking the Pattern of Mental Victim-hood – For those who seek motivation to change their thinking about their traumatic past. Matt talks about how he has changed how he views his past trauma and uses it as a source of strength within his life.

  • High School Dropout to University Lecturer – Reclaiming Education Tailored for audiences that work in the higher education sector or for those needing motivation entering further education. Matt talks about how he disengaged with education by dropped out of high school and becoming homeless. He also discusses how he managed to get into university, earning his Masters and becoming a lecturer at university.

Don’t see anything that is applicable to your organisation? Contact us to tailor make a talk to suit your needs.

Matt Vapor