Libraries and Homelessness – Understanding the Unique Relationship

Libraries and Homelessness – Understanding the Unique Relationship is a professional development workshop for librarians and library staff.
Libraries have inadvertently become a surrogate outreach centre for many homeless patrons as homeless services struggle to cope with underfunding and over demand.
In this workshop Matt Vapor uses his homeless experience and experience in public libraries to inform staff on the issues surrounding homelessness and how libraries can adapt to the rise in homeless patrons. The workshop builds an empathetic and professional approach to the challenge of addressing homelessness in a library setting.
This workshop is tailored for public libraries but is also applicable to other council / government administrative staff.
Matt Vapor is a qualified librarian, with a Masters in Information Management. He’s worked in libraries 17 years and has also taught Library Management at Curtin University.


  • Challenge existing beliefs around homelessness and mental health

  • To examine and understand issues surrounding homelessness.

  • Investigate the linkages between homelessness and library services.

  • Discuss the role that libraries have played and continue to play regarding homelessness.

  • Examine library procedural and policy issues that can be homeless prohibitive.

Libraries and Homelessness contains the following topics:

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Health

  • Funding

  • Statistics

  • Policy & Procedures

  • Staff Safety


  • Librarians

  • Library Technicians

  • Library Officers

  • Library Assistants

  • Casual Staff

  • Other Administrative Staff

Matt Vapor
Matt VaporOwner & Founder
This talk and workshop is written and delivered by Matt Vapor.

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