Recovery Coaching by Beneath the Surface

Recovery Coaching Guided by Lived Experience

Recovery Coaching by Beneath the Surface works with select clients registered for the NDIS. You can read more about Recovery Coaching on the NDIS website

It’s often hard for us to find motivation. We have a goal in mind but struggle making a pathway to get there. This can be especially hard for people, like Matt Vapor, who have additional barriers such as past trauma, mental health issues and associated disorders.

“I advocate strongly that people with backgrounds like myself should be able to forge our own pathways through life. I help clients find alternative ways to become successful in today’s world.” – Matt Vapor.

You can read more about Matt Vapor’s background at the About page.

  • Mental Health Challenges and Change Mentoring – Need a mentor to help your through a tough time or a change? Change can be a massive trigger for some of us. If you’re like me, the thought of change can be not only confronting, but triggering. Our Recovery Coaching can help you navigate this turbulent time.

  • Forge Your Own Path & Goal Planning – Have a goal in mind but feel overwhelmed or have no idea on how to get there? Let’s help you develop a plan on how to get there. I struggled for a long time with the expectations society placed on me – employment, education, etc. I found success in forging my own path, one that is unique to the challenges I’ve faced, let our recovery coaching do the same for you.

  • Eating Disorders – I suffer from Binge Eating Disorder and understand the struggles of disordered eating and the constant struggle with weight. This came as a result of past trauma and neglect, compounded by youth homelessness.  We can confidentially discuss issues surrounding your eating and/or weight and get resources to help you change.

  • Alternate Career Orientation– I dropped out of high school and battled my way to eventually graduate with a Masters Degree from Curtin University. In 2016 I obtained my dream job of lecturing at University. It was a tough road to get there, but I managed to make my own pathway to success that was not like the norm. I’ve found that starting my own business has liberated me from a lot of the self doubt I had about obtaining and maintaining a career. If you’ve dreams of similar let me help you with recovery coaching.

Do you need motivation to change? Contact us to meet and discuss how we can help you get there.

Making a goal is easy, getting there is the hard part. – Matt Vapor

Matt Vapor - Beneath the Surface