Talks & Workshops

Beneath the Surface provide tailor made talks and workshops for organisations and community groups wanting to learn or be motivated by numerous topics. These topics are suited to different scenarios and there’s a talk that is suited to your organisation or community group.

Topics include mental health, obesity, domestic abuse, homelessness and addiction.

  • We’re Not Our Past – Becoming Our Own Role Model – Tailored for audiences that work with at risk youth. This talk explains how to develop positive qualities for those without positive role models.

  • Lasting Effects of Homelessness – Trauma, Mental Health & Beyond – Focuses on the lived experiences of homelessness and how these issues don’t stop with a roof over one’s head.

  • Mental Health & Obesity – Matt’s Weight Gain & Loss Story – For any organisation that wants to learn more about the connections between mental health and obesity.

  • Mental Illness – Weakness or Strength? – Suited to organisations that want to learn more about mental illness and how people with mental illness can strengthen an organisation.

  • Building Trust – Domestic Abuse & Youth Homelessness – Aimed at school faculties, organisations and community groups who work with youth. Focuses on strategies that help students at risk of domestic abuse and homelessness through  lived experience.

  • Beyond Obesity – Patient Experiences from the Super Obese – Tailored for health care providers who deal with people who are morbidly obese or those who want to learn how to better approach obesity issues with patients.

  • The Guilt of Victims – Unspoken Truths About Domestic Abuse – Tailored for people who want to learn more about coming to terms with domestic abuse in adulthood.

  • Trauma as Strength – Breaking the Pattern of Mental Victim-hood – For those who seek motivation to change their thinking about their traumatic past.

  • High School Dropout to University Lecturer – Reclaiming Education – Tailored for audiences that work in the higher education sector or for those needing motivation entering further education.

Don’t see anything that is applicable to your organisation? Contact us to tailor make a talk to suit your needs.